Skype Duet - Brina Stinehelfer

Brina Stinehelfer

Brina Stinehelfer is a theater maker, performer and producer born and raised in New York City. There she worked with companies such as the Wooster Group and Nature Theater of Oklahoma before moving to Berlin in 2008.
In Berlin she founded Per Aspera e.V., an artistic and production company which works with a social conscience, an exploration of new forms, an interest in human interaction, a focus on international and intercultural collaboration, and a blatant disregard for the ordinary.
Through Per Aspera she has realised more that 30 original productions in Berlin and abroad. The works are very diverse, ranging from solo performance art in galleries to site-specific operas, internet based theater to open stages with refugees, large scale EU funded international cooperations and much more in between.
Since 2013, she is also the artistic director of ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, a new institution for arts and culture in Berlin set in an old silent film theater from the 1920’s. Here she programs other artists works, curates festivals, and produces her own projects.

Nikolaus Schneider

Nikolaus Schneider

was born in 1982 in Dresden. After his acting studies in Berlin he went to Paris, where he worked in various productions with Company Cie G. Morin.

He joined forces with Per Aspera Productions in 2010, and has been an integral part in creating and producing with the company since then.