Exposure Berlin - Daniel Unsöld


2012 / ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, Berlin

Exposure Berlin is a surrealist theater/silent film project, taking its inspiration from French surrealism and German Expressionism, as an homage to the artistic and social movements of 1920’s Berlin.

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Skype Duet - Brina Stinehelfer


2011, 2012 / International

Performed live simultaneously in New York and Berlin via Skype, one woman tries to reach out to the world using a laptop as her only means of communication; a quest for human connection in the modern world. Featuring live online interaction and lots of the unexpected, this piece provides the audience with the opportunity to personally connect with New York City and it’s people (and vice verse).

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2010 / K44, HAU2, Berlin

The interactive workshop „How to Manipulate Others and Get What You Want from Every Situation Every Time“ teaches you how to coerce, convince, and influence other people to do what you want, and get what you want out of every situation, every time. A funny and disturbing look at modernized trends in human interaction.

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2009, 2013 / International

Are you tired of not getting what you want out of life?  Do you often feel ignored, overlooked, powerless or simply unfit for the demands of everyday life? We can help! Happiness Now! Is an interactive, site specific performative experience unlike any other. It is designed specifically for YOU to provide instant, easy to use, long lasting results, guaranteed!*

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