Winner of the Jury prize at
100° Festival Berlin 2011



Concept & Artistic Production:
Brina Stinehelfer/Per Aspera Productions

Created by:
Brina Stinehelfer, Arlene Chico Lugo,
Zoey Martinson, Nikolaus Schneider

Technical Direction:
Nikolaus Schneider

Agents of Change, Matthias Schöbe

Performed in collaboration with:
Smoke and Mirrors Collaborative in NYC.



26.02.2011 HAU2 / Berlin,
19.-20.04.2011 HAU3 / Berlin,
03-04.06.2011 Arena Festival /
Erlangen, Germany
07.06.2011 Unithea Festival /
Frankfurt, Germany
12.11.2011 Kunsthaus Tacheles /
Berlin, Germany
18.11.2011 Kana Theatre /
Stettin, Polen
04.05.2012 Forum Stadtpark /
Graz, Austria
14.-16.05.2012 Cafe Teatret /
Copenhagen, Denmark
26.05.2012 Supermarkt /
Berlin, Germany


Video2       Fotos

Performed live simultaneously in New York and Berlin via Skype, one woman tries to reach out to the world using a laptop as her only means of communication; a quest for human connection in the modern world. Featuring live online interaction and lots of the unexpected, this piece provides the audience with the opportunity to personally connect with New York City and it’s people (and vice verse).

Touching, funny, and familiar, this piece examines computer-mediated communication and the human need for connection- the evolution of human relationships through technology. The piece reaches across continents and time zones to bring two cultures and two strangers together for a unique moment of intimacy through distance and technology, bringing into question our re-evaluated notions of what it means to be connected to one another.



Featured in Tip Magazin, Highlight of the Week

Tip Magazin
Berlin, Deutschland
Nr. 05/2011

Featured in Gazeta Slubicka “Must See”
Gazeta Slubicka
Slubicka, Poland
Nr. 3/2011



“…in comparison to other performances we have seen recently,  (Skype Duet) offered us another experience of Theater…
It was not only a joy to watch the performance, but also at the end dancing the Viennese Waltz to be part of the performance…
But we have not only rediscovered a reflection of real life in Brina and her performance. In Skype Duet she also lays out theatrical conventions, puts the relationship between audience and performer, stage and reality in question, reflecting the theatrical agent.
So thank you for the intelligent, beautiful and unpretentious intimate evening!”
-Marit Buchmeier, Inga Wagner, Michael Isenberg, Hannah Biedermann, Hannah Pfurtscheller, Janek Turkowski, 100° Festival Jury 2011

“Ms. Stinehelfer employs the simplicity of Skype to create a heartfelt and genuine look at the nature of loneliness as experienced in an increasingly interconnected world.  The piece is structured with grace and poise… they were able to structurally create a piece about friendship, loss, and love in a strikingly creative way.
…audiences in both locations are invited to dance together, fully engaged with one another as if there was no distance at all between them…
It was a joyous theatrical act, created with nearly 5000km between the performers!”
-Jake Witlen, The Internationalists

“The Marvelous World of Brina Stinehelfer”
“…she manages to charm the audience completely… soon pairs have formed, (the audience) waltzes through the auditorium until the heartfelt dance bursts out in euphoric applause.”
-Renate Baricz, 100Wort!