In collaboration with:

One Yellow Rabbit

Creative Producer:

Michael Green


Blake Brooker




On April 5 & 6, 2014, The Making Treaty 7 Artist Ensemble presented a workshop presentation of material that was developed over a three week creative residency at the Banff Centre. Four SOLD OUT performances were held at the Canmore Opera House in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Treaty 7 is one of a family of numbered treaties signed between Canada’s First Nations and Queen Victoria between 1871 and 1921. Treaty 7 paved the way for the peaceful settlement of the Province of Alberta. Making Treaty 7 tells the story of that historic agreement, and investigates the results and implications 137 years later. Making Treaty 7 is an ambitious project that will take many months to achieve. There will be many steps along the way.

The mandate of Making Treaty 7 is an evolving nexus that includes themes of cultural literacy, education, historical commemoration, tourism, and a revitalized appreciation for First Nations identity and perspective. Making Treaty 7 invites participation from a broad cross-section of groups and institutions. The project’s potential for partnerships is limited only by the imagination, and by our actual capacity to respond to opportunity.

Currently, Making Treaty 7 is developing working partnerships with the Banff Centre, Heritage Park, Fort Calgary, University of Calgary, Alberta Theatre Projects and the Glenbow Museum. Community partners include Treaty 7 Management Corporation, Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary, Aboriginal Futures Career & Training Centre, Calgary Public Library and the Native Centre at University of Calgary. Some administrative capacity and creative direction is being provided by One Yellow Rabbit and The Banff Centre.

Making Treaty 7 depends on the support and endorsement of the Chiefs of Treaty 7, and the community of Treaty 7 Elders. That support has been duly earned through 18 months of diligent consultation. First Nations endorsement provides purpose and the required momentum to move this important project forward. Our instructions from the community of Elders are that the process be respectful and consultative, and that the outcome be accurate, authentic, traditional and contemporary.