Hashtag Project


Collaborators/Creators: Jonathan David Martin, Zoey Martinson, Nikolaus Schneider, BrinaStinehelfer
Direction: Zoey Martinson
Creative Producer: Jonathan David Martin
Integrated Technology and Code: Xinyao Wang
Projection Design: Lianne Arnold
Animation: Dara Hamidi
Original Music: Matthew Nielson
Stage Manager: Josephine Ronga


2018 Work-in-progress presentation: Transmediale Festival, Berlin, Germany
2017 Devising Workshop on Governors Island, NYC
2016 Devising Workshop on Governors Island, NYC


Development of #HashtagProject is made possible through the generous support a Theatre Communications Group’s Global Connections grant and a Jerome Foundation’s Travel and Study grant.



Smoke & Mirrors Collaborative (USA) and Per Aspera Productions (Berlin)

2019 / International


A provocative theatrical experiment in the creation of extremist movements and online protests. From #diplomacy to online terrorism, algorithms used by social media sites have created powerful ways to gather critical support, and sometimes, to manipulate it.

A collaboration between American, German, and Chinese theater artists and interactive technology designers, #HashtagProject translates online social interactions into an immersive and surprising live performance event where the audience is making the decisions about what happens next. Or are they…

Algorithms drive our online lives.  They helps us connect with new friends and old, help us discover music we didn’t know we love, and connect with like-minded people all over the globe. Algorithms are tailored to the information that we give them, supposedly we choose how they work for us, but at some point they start to make choices for us in the name of convenience: our music, our news, etc. We become passive actors in the choices of our own lives. When does that happen? Are we aware of it when it does?  And does this acquiescence to the trends of the day lead us towards more extreme views of the world rather than inclusive ones?