Brina Stinehelfer /
Per Aspera Productions


Brina Stinehelfer, Thomas Schütt,
Hilde Tuinstra, Leonard Bessemer,
Andrea Candorin



Workshop production:

HAU 1 / Berlin, Germany


Platoon Kunsthalle / Berlin, Germany

Further performances:

Platoon Kunsthalle / Berlin, Germany

Amsterdam Fringe /
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Vibe Place, London, UK

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In modern society everyone seems to have an obsession with the pursuit of happiness, but nobody seems to have a complete idea of what it is and why we are all trying so hard to find it. Where is happiness? How do we search for something we cannot define? Can happiness actually be bought and taught, as we are led to believe? And who has the authority to tell us (you) what happiness is? Happiness Now! explores the dichotomy between representation and authenticity, as we investigate and reproduce the constructed ‘hype of happiness’ and a genuine search for joy and meaning. It is about the juxtaposition between societal conditioning, the commercialization of human emotion, and the idea of an impossible, unachievable search – and the honest attempt to realize it.

In our performance we explore different notions of happiness, firstly by objectifying it and presenting it in the familiar formats created by the Media, Politics, Religion, and other institutions of modern society that seem intent on defining (and capitalizing on) the idea of personal happiness. Then we attempt in a real and individualized way to reach the root of what it means to be happy, and why we all deem it so important. This includes extended research into expiriments and techniques from the scientific community to achieve happiness, such as the psychological (“Think Positive!”) and the neurophysiological (triggering the release of seratonin). What begins as a laughable farce of the the search for happiness evolves into an honest attempt to deliver what we promise – a practical prescription for happiness.

Happiness Now! Is an immersive interactive site-specific performative experience, in which the audience takes on the role of guests in a “Happiness Training Camp”. The guests are led through a series of active exercises and procedures aimed towards the achievement of their Personal Happiness PotentialTM.

We will transform the space into different rooms with different aesthetic and functional purposes, to create our treatment center. As the audience psychologically advances in their pursuit for happiness, they are also physically advancing through the different spaces on a journey from the superficial to the profound. The audience is led through the “treatment” by our qualified Happiness Now!INC. Staff- characters who are entirely a part of the world of the treatment center.

Happiness Now!INC. and its employees will be presented as a real organization, NOT a performance. Recruitment presentations in public spaces,as well as flyers, posters, the website, and all other publicity materials will present our concept as an actual training program, offering to deliver a personal happiness equation for our customers (audience). The performers involved will remain in character for the duration of the presentation and all public appearances associated with it. This public media campaign is a part of the press concept as well as the performance concept itself.